Monday, October 31, 2011

Candy Bargains

News flash.

Just when tired of hearing about Halloween candy, along comes a deep discount candy deal at Walgreens and local grocery stores the morning after Halloween.

When stalking these bargains, we usually head for the good chocolate and those brands we love most - Snickers and Butterfingers.

We freeze almost all of it in a little sack in the back of the freezer.  When we get a hankering for sweets, the Cowboy and I pull out a frozen treat and make a cup of coffee.  Then we relax in an easy chair and enjoy.

Truth be told, we still have some Fannie May leftovers from Christmas.  Fannie May is absolute a great candy maker of chocolates and caramels.

My Aunt Nell and Uncle John would get a two-pound box from my Uncle Harry back in the day, tell no one and treat themselves all year from their stash.  The joke was really on my sister and me as Mom also got a two-pound box.  


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