Thursday, October 6, 2011

Future Home of the Colorado Cowgirl's Chickens

This is the story of vision meets opportunity.  My vision was chickens for eggs and to eat grasshoppers. 

I have been looking on Craigslist for an industrial box.  Never would I have guessed that the box would come to me!

Last week there was construction crew on the main road robotically working on the water system.  I knew it wasn't the water main because they turn that off.  When I paid the water bill, the water gal said that they were lining the inside of the sewer line because the welds were leaking inward.  That means they were treating more water than they were selling - never a good thing.

At the construction site, I spied this empty, heavy-duty box below as the guys were preparing haul it away.  I hopped out of my Saturn and inquired if they had plans for it.   To make a long story short, the supervisor said I could have it, and the forklift driver would deliver.  Luckily I live a short two blocks away.

Hopefully my honey who has been working some long hours lately will have time this winter to make it into a great home for our chicken flock.

Two points, I would like to make about found objects like this: 
  • Make sure they are really available by asking the owner's permission to remove.  Sometimes, I have asked and found out that the kids left something valuable by the trash can or road.
  • If you see something you need, jump into action immediately.  In 20 minutes this treasure would have been gone.

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