Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Half-Price Sundays; Records, Tapes, CDs

In this neck of the woods, professional garage, estate and church sales and private ones are open Thursday (perhaps), Friday and Saturday.  Many will not negotiate prices on these days.  However, when there are items left over on Sunday, they may become half price or a whole bag for buck.

Before our ride in the mountains see Colorado Cowgirl Road Trips, we returned to an estate sale we shopped yesterday.  I had gotten multiple packets of skinny paint rollers for $5 that I will use with Annie Sloan paint.  My sister in Texas saw a demo at Round Top (a giant garage sale on ranch land that last for weeks), and the Annie Sloan expert used these kind of rollers.  My cowboy got Jim Reeves and Emmylou Harris records and Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris CDs.

We are careful about buying records, tapes and CDs.  Although we look them over carefully, we don't pay a huge price for them because we don't know how well they have been handled.  Also, we make sure the music inside matches the cover.

After thinking about it, I wanted the John Denver four-disc set I saw.  Usually things we want don't last till half-price day, but we stopped by in the afternoon just in case it was still there, and sure enough it was.  Can't wait to hear them.  I also got enough packaged no-calorie Kool-Aid to serve every girl and boy scout north of the Colorado-New Mexico border for $1.50.

My hubby is playing one of the John Denver CDs now, and it sounds great.

Last spring and late on a Sunday afternoon, I bought a whole bag of expensive, stain-free and barely worn kids winter coats for a buck.  I took them home and washed them up.  They are hanging in the closet in my husband's office waiting for delivery to a family charity later this month - just in time for cold weather.

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