Thursday, October 13, 2011

Estate Sale

Mid to late afternoon this past Sunday while going to the recycling center, we spotted an estate sale sign.  As died-in-the-wool bargain hunter and lookie-lou of other's property and lifestyle, we stopped in.  Truthfully it was the Saturn Vue that saw the sign first, and steered us in that direction.

In the last hours of the last day, some estate sellers offer 75% off.  So was the case here.  In a back closet my cowboy found two sets of coveralls that were in great shape - although a little dusty and dirty (nothing that a spin in the washing machine hasn't remedied).  The summer-weight pair was $1 and the insulated-winter weight was $2.50 after the 75% discount.   We would have paid $50-75 at KMart or WalMart for the winter weight.  He will use them to work on our vehicles and retire or donate his shabby old pair.

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