Saturday, October 1, 2011

Recycle Center Goodies

Every other Sunday morning we pack up the recyclables and head to the DIY recycling center in Golden.  We go Sunday mornings when there is still room for ours.  We enjoy doing this as we are doing something for the environment by diverting items from landfills.  Occasionally we score something we can use around The Place.

Recycling etiquette:
  • Don't leave a mess.  Messes will close a self-service recycle center faster than you can say "jumping jackalopes" -  just ask those using the closed center at the Grange on Youngsfield in Applewood.  Users were repeatedly warned by the grange.  These recyclers now must travel at least five miles to another location.  Most of us recyclers will pick up a few items to help out, but big messes are too much to ask.  
  • Break down boxes even if you brought ones with recyclables inside.  There will be more room in the bins for others. 
  • If all bins are full and can't make room for more recyclables, bring them back another day.  Don't leave recyclables next to the bins as the wind will whip them around.  Also bin haulers are paid ONLY to pick up the bins - not the recyclables next to them or down the road.
  • Dispose of only allowable items.  Most DIY centers will not take plastic bags, electronics, small and large appliances, broken glasses and dishes, etc.   Read the information posted on site. 
  • No trash
We have scored these useful things at different times:
A cool but broken aluminum ladder (my honey thought he could fix it; but the solution was a potential  finger pincher - not good), 5 brand new and one older moving blankets and a very large new tub (it now holds cans of oil in the shed outside the Car Barn).  

None of these were on the approved recycle list. 

Happy recycling. 

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