Thursday, November 3, 2011

Beware - Checking out at Walgreens

I hate Walgreens' checkout process.  So many times, I have gotten home and looked at the cash-register tape and found errors.  And the majority of these errors are coupons that didn't get credited.

The last time we went, we also got flu shots.  One of us didn't get credited for the $3 flu-shot rebate.  Last year, I got my flu shot at Walgreens, but pharmacist didn't tell me it was good ONLY for that day.  As you can see, I take couponing seriously.  Otherwise, I consider it bait and switch.

This year I was ready.  But when I got home, one of the $3-off coupons was in one of the bags; and it hadn't been deducted.  So the next time I went to Walgreens, I took the cash-register tape, the $3-off coupon and talked to the manager.  I knew it would be tough to get cash, so I picked up a couple of cans of the salmon (it was also on coupon) we like and took them to the cash register.  They gladly gave me a $3 credit on the salmon.  And everyone was happy.

Besides not getting credit for coupons, a couple of times, I have noticed while checking out that the  advertised price didn't ring up.  So I politely pointed it out.

It appears from shopping multiple Walgreens that they hire inexperienced checkers and don't give them much training.  When an error occurs, they call the manager.  I encourage this.

And their receipts are confusing, and I have had a manager agree.

Lessons learned:  Buy only a few items.  Buy only sale items.  Watch the prices.  Make sure you have cut or torn out the coupons for items that need them.  Group same items together.  Give the clerk the coupon for that item when she checks out those items.  Make sure you get credit for the coupon.  Give the checker the store or pharmacy coupons at the end.  Make sure they appear as credits on your cash-register tape.

Frankly, I avoid taking anyone with me when I shop there.  Any distraction for me or the checker can really mess things up.

Two things I consistently go to Walgreens for despite their problems:

  • yellow playtex gloves (I use them for gardening or cleaning) when they are on coupon 2 for $1
  • large cans of salmon when they are on coupon for $2.49

Otherwise, it is buyer beware.

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