Saturday, November 5, 2011

Daylight Savings Time Ends 2 am Sunday for most in USA and Canada

While we are sleeping early Sunday morning, Daylight-Savings Time ends for most of us in the USA and Canada.  Time falls back from 2 am to 1 am.   Daylight-Savings Time resumes March 11, 2012 for another 34-week cycle.

I laugh at the name - sunrise and sunset are still the same.  How can we be saving daylight when we set our clocks forward?  We are just re-arranging it.  "Re-arranging Time" sounds pretty lame.

Changing the time at Our Place is never fun as we have so many different types clocks.  There is:

  • the Atomic Clock that works correctly
    • no problem here
  • the Atomic Clock one must trick
    • it thinks Day-Light Savings time is on the old schedule so it changed last week.  We tricked it by setting it to a different time zone for another week.  So Sunday morning, we will set this clock back to Mountain Standard Time.  We will do a similar procedure in the spring.
  • the clocks that we change
    • the clock on the microwave - easy, peasy 
    • the alarm clock - my Cowboy experiments with this twice a year until he remembers how
  • boatloads of clocks we ignore
    • the stove clock, the coffee pot clock, the DVD-player clock, etc.  We let them be what they want to be - usually flashing PF for power failure.  When we can, we plug these into power strips that we turn off preventing electrical drain for no value
  • clocks in the car
    • we usually forget these until we need them - a couple of weeks after the time change.  Then we go through the discussion of "fall back or fall forward (fall back)."  And we never remember how from season to season (each is different), so it is back to the manual for us.  

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