Friday, September 23, 2011

Estate Sales

More estate sales than garage sales this morning.  Had have good success in the past with basements, backyards and garages, so I look there first.  Of course, cowboy/cowgirl chic stuff gets my attention, and today include a live raccoon trap for $15, large size cowboy boots for $10 and the cowboy tie for $2.  The "On the Range" picture was $28.

For newbies, I included the Grain Train sign because some sales are sponsored by charities like this one. Didn't find anything there this time, though.

I thought the two outdoor chairs and footstool were at a good price ($15 for all).  The metal structure and cushions were in good shape, and it was comfortable.  One arm was missing, and I would have taken all the arms off.

Came home with three things - the white canvas (?) coat with Indian painting ($5); little dirty, but washed up beautifully on the delicate cycle, two cowboy whips ($1 and $.50) and a "Ready Set Go appliance (not pictured) that is advertised on TV ($3 but has no recipe book).  It does have a timer and looks like it could do toasted cheese., but if it doesn't live up to my expectations, it will be off to Goodwill.

More hunting next week.

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