Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cached in Plain Sight


Tomorrow morning is my time for garage sales, and sadly the season in Colorado is winding down.

Every community has different rules. My sister in Texas goes at the crack of dawn (6-7 am) while we in Colorado are more laid back.  I am usually out by 9 and back by 11.

I usually take the Saturn Vue rather than the '88 Toyota pickup, and wear clean gardening or crafting clothes.  Doesn't seem like a good idea to haggle over price wearing fancy duds or driving an expensive car.  I'll take a bunch of change and plenty of one dollar bills.  After bargaining someone down, it doesn't seem right to pull out a $50 bill.

I'll bring back a couple of pictures of what I saw, what I passed up and what I bought.

Happy garage sales to you...

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