Saturday, September 24, 2011


Buying specific items is easier on Craigslist.  Their URL for the Denver area is  If you are not in the Denver, be sure to change the location so you don’t get excited about something in Omaha. 

I always check out the free stuff (goes fast), farm+garden, materials, garage sales and auto parts.  I watch other categories from time to time.

Today, we are going across town (don’t usually do that unless it is something special) to look at four mud and snow tires for the Saturn Vue.   This is my husband’s department, so he will decide if the price and condition of the tires are right for us.  Four new ones mounted and balanced go for over $600.  

When thinking of tires be sure to check the size you need.  Tire sizes are printed on the sidewall of each tire.  Double check this with the owner's manual.  It will look something like P245/75R16.  According to the Saturn's owner's manual P means passenger car.  245 is the tire's width in millimeters from sidewall to sidewall. 75 is the aspect ratio (height to width ratio - in this case the tire's sidewall is 75% as high as it is wide).  R means radial ply construction.  16 means rim diameter.

If you are a newby to Craigslist, sellers post a description and most times a picture.   This can help you decide if you want to pursue it further.  You can also send the listing to a friend’s email address for their opinion.  There is an items-wanted section, but I don’t think it gets much traffic.   Every once in a while, an items-wanted ad will appear with the for-sale ads.

If you are a seller, put in only the relevant facts plus picture.  Check your spelling – there have been some pretty funny misspellings and a couple of spoofs that have brightened my day.  I don’t know why but weirdly named fish have been targeted.

A good Craiglister will delete their ad when it sells.   Items can be on Craigslist for 45 days – we have had a 1966 Charger tranny with bell housing and shifter for almost a month.  Obviously the right muscle car restorer hasn’t viewed it yet.  Our tires and rims for a previous SL Saturn went quickly. 

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