Thursday, December 1, 2011

Five Ways to Save at Kohl's

Occasionally I shop at Kohl's, and here is where you can save:

  • Check the early-bird specials to see if what you want or need is on sale then.  Go to the store during those hours; otherwise you will have to pay more
  • Occasionally there will be a $10 off coupon on the front of our local paper.  Be sure to save it, and use it before the expiration date
  • Seasonal merchandise is usually offered at big discounts, but they may not have what you want in the size you need or if what you need has matching pants or tops, they may already been sold
  • If you and your spouse have Kohl credit cards, consistently use the same one to purchase items.  When flyers come in the mail, the card not being used will get 30% off while the card being used will get only 20% off
  • If you buy more than $50 worth of merchandise, you will get a $10 off coupon.  These, too, expire, so watch the dates
  • At the cashier, the percentage off is deducted first.  Then the coupons.  You pay a few dollars more that way
  • Pay off your purchases before the end of the billing cycle to avoid finance charges.   If you are late, they charge a hefty fee.  If you pay online, the software will NOT let you pay when the bill is really due if that date is a week or so out.  I pay on the current date, so I do not forget and get a late charge.  

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